Designer And Printer: A True Team Effort

Unlike people who are not in this trade, you know very well that producing a book implies intensive work.

There are many professional figures involved in production; some (the designers, for example) are involved throughout the process, while others have an important but temporary role, like the editors.

From our perspective as a printer, the most direct link we have is the one with designers.

When should the printer and the designer start working together on a project?

There are several ways of understanding the relationship between designer and printer. In our eyes, however, only one can guarantee a final result that will make everyone satisfied: solid teamwork.

Ideally, the designer would involve the printer from the very first creative phases of the project. What does this imply?

  • The choice of the team for the production of a book (designer-printer) must be done in advance and not just right before going to press
  • Effective communication and mutual understanding of creative and technical aspects.

Indeed, if the discussion takes place from the preliminary stages, it makes it easier to think about formats, materials and technical solutions in a constructive fashion. How many times have we seen designers choosing a format or material that is incompatible with the editor or client’s budget? This can be easily avoided just by having an open and continuous dialogue with the printer.

What is the purpose of such teamwork?

For starters, we should not forget that the printer is the ‘operating arm’ of the creative mind, which is the designer. The teamwork that follows should pursue the following objectives:

  • Knowledge and experience exchange in terms of materials, technical solutions and production limits
  • Setting up and growth of a long-term relationship that allows continuous improvement
  • Be a guarantee for the customer

In our eyes, it’s the only way to get the best possible result in terms of product.

If you wish to start working as a team together with the most suitable Musumeci consultant, contact us today.

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