Interview with the sole administrator of Musumeci

The three photography books printed by Musumeci and selected for the TIME’s Top 20 have made it to the Aosta Valley Regional News. 

On 8 February, the TGR broadcast an interview with Michele Biza, the sole administrator of Musumeci, who, following this important achievement, talked to the news crew about new developments at the studio, from technological innovations to new markets and events.

“The year 2021 saw important investments in technological innovation and significant efforts made to open new markets, the USA particularly, and new segments, such as cosmetics and packaging”, explained Biza. “This year will see the consolidation of those efforts, with our participation at the Milan luxury packaging fair and new investments in staff training. Our goal for 2022 is to strengthen our project management abilities, enabling us to handle innovation with the company even more effectively.”

Watch the full interview here.

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